How to do your own advertising the right way...

So... I get yet another email the other day from a member of The Perfect System who wants to do their own advertising.

I guess he was bored and he just wanted something to do.

I told him OK - here’s what you need to do... successful advertising

  • Sign up with Aweber and set up your own 30+ day autoresponder sequence which sends out very valuable information mixed with a few good sales type emails.
  • Make sure all the links in the emails go to your affiliate link.
  • Sign up with Clickmagick so you can do your tracking properly to track the results of your advertising. Watch the tutorials and learn how to use the system.
  • You’ll need a squeeze page, so buy a hosting package, design your high converting squeeze page, and upload it to your server.
  • Design a 4x6 color postcard front and back and make sure it gets a high response. You’re not trying to sell anything here - just get them to your affiliate link.
  • Oh, your affiliate link is too long to type in manually, so be sure to set up a redirect to your affiliate link on your server or another domain which is forwarded.
  • Buy a mailing list of buyers - not tire kickers. Make sure you test out about 20 lists before you roll out with a large mailing. Make sure you buy a CSV file and not PS labels.
  • Open a Vistaprint or Click2Mail account and upload your postcard files and your CSV file to do a mailing. Of course, pay them about 50 cents a postcard to do this for you.
  • Wait 2 weeks for the postcard to be printed, mailed, and delivered.
  • Be sure to never mail during the slow periods or during a holiday or crazy events like a political hearing, election, or a hurricane.
  • Track your results. Stop doing what does not work and do more of what does work.
  • You can also test out marketing methods like banner ads, solo ads, or Facebook ads. But you’ll only figure out the hard way that it would have been easier to just flush your money down the toilet.
  • You say you just wanted to mail out 100 copies of a flyer? You know damn well that mailing out cheap flyers to a cheap list does not work. Maybe get a hobby or something.
  • That’s all there is to it!


You could just sit back, relax and let a 30+ year expert like Bill do it all for you!

After all, that is exactly why The Perfect System was started in the first place.

There’s not a whole lot of people who can do all the stuff on the list above.

Go ahead - Be a Lazy Bum and make me do all your work for you ==>

I want to do it! I like doing it! And... I guarantee you 5 sales!

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